Sensei's Points To Remember 2009
  1. Not all things visible are what they appear to be.

  2. What might be invisible to you may be visible to others.

  3. Vision requires depth from time passed and width for time to come.

  4. Fear is a circuit breaker to all control instruments needed to form a plan.

  5. An achieved karate-ka endures to the end, motivated by his own empowerment to achieve the impossible.

  6. Humility is a true reflection of internal power.

  7. Age is not a number. Aging is a process which can not be counted. It’s the state of your physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual age.

  8. Acquire the wisdom to assign the right tool to the right task.

  9. Do not ever compete to the bottom always compete to the top.

  10. Do not ever submit to the illusion that you own time, yet it is your most precious commodity.